Monday, 1 October 2018

Sartorial vivacity

Thumbnail   You don’t have to be famous to wear the laurels of fame Meryl proclaimed. “You don’t have to be a Paris fashion designer to design clothes – or to wear what you want to wear.
Claudette—who’d just walked in—opined “The  essence of haute couture is the enthusiasm of choice.
Quite right” I agreed. Claudette could always turn a nice phrase. “Anyone can be an artist of the streets.  You just have to see your apparel as your canvas. Clothing can be the wardrobe of your personal theatre.
Rebecca nodded decisively “Jean Cocteau said ‘Art produces ugly things which become more beautiful with time. Fashion produces beautiful things which become ugly with time.
Penelope—sitting in the window framed by strong Winter sun—volunteered “We should all live the Art that we are – otherwise we’re nothing at all.
Absolutely” I exclaimed. “We all live in the existential wardrobe department of sartorial vivacity.”

p123, An Odd Boy Volume 4, Doc Togden,  Aro Books Worldwide, 2017, ISBN 978-1-898185-42-0