Monday, 24 September 2018

Not quite the species of Buddhist you might imagine

Thumbnail  “You’re quite the bon vivant for a Buddhist” Rebecca observed.
Somehow I often understood these French usages by guess work and so I was able to reply without seeming too gauche “I'm maybe not quite the species of Buddhist you might imagine. I don’t belong to a monastic tradition you see...
“Ah...that’s...a very welcome idea.
Yes...I thought so...” I grinned “ teachers are all family people...”
Really...?” Meryl queried. “’s not about austerity and abjuring pleasure?
No...especially not pleasure – it’s more geared to maximising pleasure through appreciation of the widest possible spectrum of  phenomena – and, encouraging that in everyone and everything everywhere...”

p110, An Odd Boy Volume 4, Doc Togden,  Aro Books Worldwide, 2017, ISBN 978-1-898185-42-0